osql converted characters during execution

August 30, 2006 at 1:05 pm Leave a comment

Suppose you have a sql script that inserts values into a MS SQL database. You had previous tested the script on the query analyzer, but when you ran the script in osql you notice that some of your characters have been converted. For example that soft hypen has mysteriously turned into a “û”.

Windows uses several different type of codepages. There is ANSI, which is used by windows and appears to be the default on SQL 2000 server. DOS uses OEM. There is also the Unicode format.

The problem is that when you run osql from the command line or from a cmd file, it automatically assumes that the file is in OEM format. If your file is in ANSI, it will convert the characters as if you are going from OEM to ANSI. This can cause some characters like a hypen to convert.

Solution is to save the file in Unicode. 

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