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Creating a Ruby DotPup in Puppy Linux 2.13

Ruby is a programing language. Ruby does not come with Puppy. There is a DotPup for Ruby, but it is for version 1.8.3 and dates back in 2005. Before you start, you must have the development environment installed. To install the development environment for Puppy, download dev_xxx.sfs to your /mnt/home directory (where xxx is your Puppy version ex: dev_213.sfs).

  1. Download Ruby. The file will be in a gz format.
  2. Untar the filetar -xvf ruby-1.8.5.tar.gz
  3. Change directory into the new directory.
  4. edit the configure file, locate the line:ac_default_prefix=/usr/localtoac_default_prefix=/root/my-applications. This changes the install directory from the usual /usr/local to Puppy’s /root/my-applications.
  5. Execute config by typing ./configure, this generate several config files and makefile.
  6. Execute make by typing make. This compiles Ruby.
  7. Install Ruby by typing make install.
  8. Grab a list of files that was installed by:find /root -print | grep ruby > filelist
  9. Tar the files by:tar -cf dotpup.tar -T filelist
  10. compress the tar file:gzip dotpup.tar
  11. Create a readme.txt file. The file should describe where the software will install to.
  12. Create a file (copied from the original puppy dotpup by Erik Veenstra). Make sure that you set the execution bit:#!/bin/sh# Installs Ruby to my-applications/binrox readme.txt

    cd /
    tar xzf $PDIR/dotpup.tar.gz

    sleep 5 # Rox needs some time to open the readme.txt…

  13. Generate md5sum files for the 3 files.md5sum readme.txt dotpup.tar.gz > md5sum.txt
  14. Create the Pup file using zip:zip ruby-1.8.5.pup md5sum.txt readme.txt dotpup.tar.gz


  • The above DotPup does not include an uninstaller.
  • If you want to uninstall your package from the GetPup GUI, you have to create a uninstall script and register the install with GetPup.
  • Version 2.14 (which is not out at the moment) contains a new package management system call DotPet. DotPet comes with tools that automate¬† a lot of the process.

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