What does DotPet use as a signature

May 6, 2007 at 5:46 pm Leave a comment

In Puppy 2.14 or later, you can register your DotPet Package. After registration, you can upgrade Puppy without overwriting your package. You can also uninstall the package. Recently, I created a DotPet for Ruby and Ruby documentation. I had named the two packages as Ruby-1.8.6-i486 and Ruby-1.8.6-doc-i486. Much to my surprise, when I installed the two packages, the second package overwrote the first.

I wondered what sort of signature Puppy was using as the DotPet signature. Examination of the dir2pet script indicated that the config file only logged whether to register the package or not, so I had guess that it had to be filename.

Expermientation indicated that the signature comes from the filename before the dash version number. So if the package is ruby-1.8.6-i486, the signature is ruby. The reason the doc install overwrite the package is because ruby-1.8.6-doc-i486 also resolve to a signature of ruby. To get a different signature, you need to add the “-doc” before the version number.

I rename the packages to “ruby-1.8.6-i486” and “ruby-doc-1.8.6-i486”, and it worked fine. When you create the ruby-doc, make sure that you enter “ruby” as the dependency.


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