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Using Subversion source control with MonoDevelop

This article describes how to integrate Subversion source control with MonoDevelop. Subversion has several methods of accessing a repository. In this example, we will be using accessing the repository directly through the local file system. This means the repository sits on the local machine you are working on.


The following software must be installed.

  • MonoDevelop
  • Subversion

Creating a Subversion Repository

First we need to create a repository where we will store our source code. There appears to be no way to create the repository within MonoDevelop, so you will need to run this from the command line (replace <myhomedirectory> with your home directory.

svnadmin create <myhomedirectory>/subversion

This creates a repository “subversion” in your home directory (note: the default file system is FSFS).

Adding the solution to the repository

Once the repository is created, We can add the solution to the repository.

  1. Launch MonoDevelop.
  2. Open the solution.
  3. In the solution View, right-click on the solution and select Version Control->Publish. This brings up the select repository dialog box.
  4. Click on the “Registered Repositories” tab.
  5. Click on the add button.
  6. Enter the name of the Repository such as “subversion”.
  7. Set the protocol to “File”.
  8. Set the URL to file:///<myhomedirectory>/subversion.
  9. Press OK. This closes the Add repository.
  10. Select the repository and press OK. You will be asked if you want to publish the project into the repository.
  11. Answer Yes.

The solution is now added to the repository.

Using the source control

Now that the solutions has been added to the repository, all of the source files are now under source control. Right-click on any of the file and select Version Control. You can now update, diff, or revert file changes.


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