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Moving WCF site from a virtual application to a virtual directory resulted in 404

Recently, I got a notice to move a WCF site we have to port 80. This mean we have move the site from a virtual application to a virtual directory under Default Web Site. Much to our surprise, the WCF stopped working after the move. Whenever we browse to the svc file, we get a 404 error. We did notice that we can get to a jpg file on the same directory, so it appears that the problem is not entirely permission related.

Apparently, the problem is caused by a corrupted metabase. The IIS metabase got corrupted by an earlier WCF installation. This was a bug that they later patched. The patch was installed. The virtual application was created after the patch was installed and so it did not have the problem, but the Default Web Site was created before the patch. When we move our WCF site under the Default Web Site, it inherited the problem.

On production, we fixed the problem by deleting the Default Web Site and then recreating it again. On test, there were too many web site, so we had to run a IIS clean map script. Please see the following link where I originally discovered the solution (isn’t google great).

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